• Zendro's favorite! Golden triangle bracelets set.

    With this beautiful and very popular combination of amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal bracelets which together form the "Golden Triangle" you are assured of both a beautiful look and a very fine balanced energy with you throughout the day.

    This set creates a loving and relaxing atmosphere. Besides dressing up your arm beautifully and being an addition to almost any outfit, the bracelets also have a valuable function. Where the amethyst brings peace, the rose quartz provides a soft energy and the rock crystal strengthens the energy of both. Together they bring about a flow of positive energy. The set makes a wonderful gift to yourself, but of course you can also give the bracelets away as the perfect unique gift.

    You will receive a set of three different bracelets as shown in the pictures, together they form the ultimate and oh so famous "Golden Triangle." Due to the use of elastic material, the bracelets fit almost always.

    Amethyst: protection, harmony, insight and spiritual development.

    Rock crystal: healing, cleansing, harmony, balance and positive affirmations.

    Rose quartz: giving love, receiving love and attracting love.

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    • Material:Amethyst, Rock crystal and Rose quartz
    • Length: 17-19 cm (elastic)
    • Size stones: 6-10 mm long by 3-5 mm wide
    • Zendro sells jewelry made from natural products, therefore the color and design of the content may vary slightly from the picture.
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