Bella Botanicals

With Bella Botanicals we want to create awareness about the possibilities of the plant kingdom, sustainability and spirituality,

Our products include herbal mixtures, teas, ointments, creams, crystals, jewelry and more self-care products.

Herbal self-care products of pure plant magic! All products are handmade in small batches and contain powerful plant extracts, nourishing herbs, high quality cold pressed oils and hydrosols. Our products are all-natural, cruelty free and paraben free.

By living related to the seasons we see the value of the changes up close. Celebrating and welcoming the seasons helps us with this. Winter gives us the opportunity to stand still and turn inward. The frost period makes room for spring and its fertility. In the summer everything is in full bloom and strength and enjoying the sunny hours she gives us. We take that energy with us to the autumn where we bring in our last harvests and can be grateful.

For example, the products we make are based on the seasons. Plants and herbs are harvested when available. We grow and collect our own plants in a natural way. We do this for several reasons:

  • Prevent mass production
  • Avoid imports
  • Preventing the use of toxins
  • Climate neutral production
  • Ethically collecting resources
  • A form of knowledge sharing

This passion arose when I was 15 when I did an internship at a Herbalist. Here my love for plants started to grow and I completely devoted myself to the effect of medicinal herbs.✨ However, I started studying in the field of journalism, because I saw the power in sharing information. Informing people about nature is something I like to do.✒️🗒️I believe in the power of connection!

My other great love is social media. I like to put my creativity into creating content! Inform and inspire people. In addition to my own business, I am a content creator for a gemstone wholesaler and I am involved with crystals on a daily basis. Of course I also sell them myself, because crystals will always amaze and delight me with their energy. I can't deny that I'm secretly a little crazy about jewelry. This is how my collaboration with Zendro started; want to create gems and jewelry. The perfect combination if you ask me ;)


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