Roxana Swensen

I'm Roxana Swensen and you can call me a junkie when it comes to all things spiritual and self-development. I have always been busy developing myself, only I didn't know then that I was doing this in a completely wrong way. I wanted to become more, better and bigger so that the world would finally see me. This battle eventually brought me to my burnout. After years of self-examination, trial and error, I found out that the world was not meant to see me, but that I was going to see the world. That's where my path to spirituality started.

My mission came into being, I discovered that most of the choices we make as humans are based on fear, the fear that we are not good enough, that we will not be seen by the other, will not belong or be different. The choices we make in our lives are often based on these fears and keep us away from the love and abundance that we are all allowed and able to receive.

I help people to this feeling of abundance and love, because everyone should know that this is possible and everyone deserves this, because we are 1 together! To support this process towards self-love, I use various means that can strengthen the process. Zendro spiritual jewelry is 1 part of that. The magic of gemstones can be incredibly powerful and a very valuable support. I enjoy wearing this jewelry every day! They are not only beautiful, but a true addition to whatever process you may be involved in.

With kind regards,

Roxana Swensen

Instagram: roxanaswensen

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