8 Methods For Cleaning Gemstones

Gemstones have been incredibly loved in our spiritual and holistic community for centuries and generations. After all, they have the power to change our frequency, heal us, guide us and provide us with exactly what we need energetically. Always and everywhere.

Cleaning crystals is an essential step to using them for healing and raising our vibration. Every time we use a crystal or gemstone, it absorbs and transmutes energy to work in our favor.

Therefore, if we know how to clean gemstones and take good care of our crystal collection and jewellery, we can make the most of them.

Why do I need to clean my crystals?

Crystals help us to raise and improve our vibration. They readily absorb energies around them and are incredibly sensitive to changes in frequency. To maximize their healing potential, it is essential that we take good care of them.

They absorb negativity

Gemstones continuously absorb and transmute negative energy into positive energy. So if we use them without cleansing them, it weakens their ability to work at their maximum healing potential.

Exposing a gem to a source of negativity for extended periods of time does not block its healing ability; but it can weaken its entire ability to heal and transform, so knowing how to clean gems is a crucial aspect of crystal healing and collection.

A cleansed crystal is a powerful crystal

Cleaning your crystals returns crystals to their natural state and enhances their healing power. Crystals are formed under the influence of extremely strong natural forces. When a gemstone comes into contact with a natural source of high vibrations, it releases the old and prepares itself for fresh, beneficial energy.

How To Clean Gemstones: 8 Easy Methods

Using crystals requires knowledge of how to cleanse new crystals and how to strengthen, replenish and maximize their healing potential.

Carefully performed cleansing rituals and blessings have an incredible impact on crystals and gemstones. These rituals not only heal, they can also be used to refresh crystals and eliminate low, negative vibrations in them.

Selected sacred objects, nature, spiritual tools and the power of our own positive vibration are incredible sources of positive energy and can aid us in this cleansing process.


Each sound has its own vibration and singing bowls are designed to produce a high vibrating sound that has a profound impact on gemstones.

Crystal singing bowls provide a way to use the power of vibrational sound therapy to enhance our lives and the beneficial properties of our crystals. Often made from healing gemstones themselves, they combine the frequency of sound with crystal qualities to balance other crystals.

Thanks to sound purification and the use of this method of cleaning gemstones, singing bowls help to prepare crystals for a new healing cycle, restoring their healing ability.


There is nothing that the power of intention cannot transform. Everything is composed of energy, which is nothing more than consciousness. That means your crystals have energy and so do your thoughts. And that means that your thoughts also have the power to cleanse your crystals.

Gemstones are incredibly resonating with positive vibrations. By setting a clear intention that comes from a place of peace, positivity and serenity, that positivity can overpower the negative vibrations that the crystal has absorbed for us.

Other crystals

Some crystals have the ability to act as energy batteries for others. Rock crystal is known not only for its healing properties, but also for its ability to amplify the power of other crystals. Large pieces of amethyst and citrine are some of the best stones for cleaning other stones.

To know how to cleanse gemstones with other crystals, start by placing one of these crystals next to a crystal that needs cleaning and let their energy entangle. This will help balance energy, clear up energetic residues and prepare your favorite gemstone for new use.


Sage, Palo Santo and Frankincense have been used for centuries for cleansing purposes and spiritual protection rituals. They have the power to clear and transmute the energy for us. In this way crystals are cleaned too and will be energetically.

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