• Planetary Bracelet Universe Made of Natural Stones

    This small mysterious bracelet celebrates the 9 planets of the solar system, with the planets Earth, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Moon traveling around it. By wearing the bracelet on your wrist you will become the greatest sun!

    * 19,95 = receive 2 x 7 Chakra Planets Bracelet!

    The planets and meanings behind the stones

    Mars: pink agate (8 mm)

    Self-confidence - introduce change to life and strength in difficult times.

    Earth: Lapis Lazuli (10.5 mm / 0.41")

    Harmony - release stress and bring deep inner self-knowledge.

    Venus: Tiger Eye (8 mm / 0.3 ")

    Confidence - the power to focus your mind and promote mental clarity. It also brings happiness.

    Mercury: Howlite (6.5 mm / 0.25 inches)

    Ambitions & Communication - stimulate the desire for knowledge and encourage emotional expression.

    Pluto: Picture Jasper (5 mm / 0.2")

    Peace - promote organizational skills, bring comfort, relieve anxiety and cultivate harmony.

    Neptune: Frosty Agate (10 mm / 0.39")

    Justice - enhance mental function, improve concentration, perception and analytical skills.

    Uranus: Kambaba Jasper (8 mm)

    Calm - eliminate negative feelings and help achieve emotional balance.

    Saturn: matted card (8 mm / 0.3 inches)

    Comforting - promote patience and contentment, encourage peace and serenity.

    Jupiter: red veined jasper (10.5 mm / 0.41 in.)

    Nurturing - correct unjust situations, ground energy and provide insight into difficult situations.


    • 8 inches / 20 cm with an elastic band.
    • Weight: 10.5 g / 0.37 oz
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