Obsidian Necklace

  • We never like to be in contact with people who drain our positive energy with their negative energy. But does it ever occur to us to protect ourselves from harm like this? In most cases not. Our obsidian necklace shaped after the sacred hexagram protects you from all spiritual evil!

    How does it work?
    Obsidian is a highly insightful and cleansing stone. Furthermore, it stimulates personal development through insight and it helps with the processing of problems from the past. It brings out truth, the core or cause of things (or illnesses) and it represses fear and negative thoughts. You can compare the stone with a mirror. It helps you discover who you really are. This will ensure you to be more confident and it is also able to reveal points of mental improvement. The stone reduces fear, blockages, trauma and limiting behavior and thinking patterns. 

    The stone can be very powerful and because of the strong emotions that can arise you should consider in what way you will use it. Obsidian protects against psychic attacks and reduces negative mental or spiritual influences.Black obsidian: Obsidian originated from rapidly cooled lava and is thus found in volcanic areas. It is an opaque black, glassy stone sometimes with white, gray or red flecks. Some types of obsidian are for example: Apache tears (transparent, black-brown pebbles of obsidian), mahogany obsidian (with reddish brown stripes), snowflake obsidian (with white or gray dots) and rainbow obsidian. The stone that is sold as blue obsidian is not a natural obsidian but blue colored synthetic glass.

    Product details:

    • Item type: pendant/ necklace/ talisman
    • Material: high-quality Obsidian 
    • Color: black
    • Cord type: cotton thread, adjustableDimensions:
    • Pendant Size (approx.): 30mm * 25mm * 8mm
    • Chain Length: 47 cm + 15 cm
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